H I D D E N   A G E N D A    B A N D


" I first met with these guys in April 2014, whilst I was working in Copenhagen doing the opera -

Porgy and Bess. I saw them performing at

Charlie Scott's Jazz Bar.

I remember, I immediately fell in love with their music as I walked in and saw them onstage, the atmosphere was electric, fun and lots of swing dancing. After a short while, I had to join in with the atmosphere and I just grabbed the tambourine that was nearby to the stage and began playing it!


Johan Bylling Lang (the band leader) had come to see the show - Porgy and Bess the night before, so he was pleased to see some of us cast members from the show out on our evening off, now watching this excellent jazz gig.  During the interval, Johan asked me if I wanted to come up on stage and sing with them, I just said yes immediately, without hesitating. I sang "Stormy Monday" (that video can be seen on the gallery page).

Needless to say the song went down very well and a few days later, I met with Johan for a coffee, it was there we established so many things musically we had in common and we just connected immediately.

Johan asked me if I would like to do some gigs with them, So I begin the following year, doing some gigs with their band "Jazz Five", (they formed in 1996 and have toured worldwide and specialise in modern New Orleans music).


Since 2015, whilst performing countless gigs with Jazz Five around Denmark, and seeing the response from the audiences, it became apparent that we wanted to do more shows together and also cut out our own musical niche, as we also love the blues, jazz, soul and motown.  

We just couldn't resist and formed the group

 "SAMANTHA-ANTOINETTE & HIDDEN AGENDA" - an extension arm of Jazz Five. I just love these guys and being onstage with them, the energy we all have, the songs, it all just comes alive and works so well together. They are one of the nicest guys/bands I have ever been around on and off stage. At our shows, we get the crowd on their feet and I just love watching them dancing and doing all kinds of dancing.  We  just couldn't not put our own band together"!

      G E T   B O O K I N G   N O W!